Books In Progress

Historical Commission: House of Peace & Good

House of Peace & Good is a work of creative non-fiction recently commissioned to Laurie by the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. It tells the remarkable story of a vibrant Franciscan faith community which over the past 66 years has evolved from a retreat center into a beloved oasis of transformational healing. Along the way, this community, gently led by visionary friars, turned the usual Catholic “top down” ecclesial structure into a graced new model of shared, communal, wing-and-a-prayer growth, thanks to more than a few good men – and, most notably, women, too. Expected publication date: 2019.

A Good Life: Personal Histories

A new division of Simply Devine Communications offers the writing, design, and publication of personal histories of extraordinary people…like you. Laurie couples her proven writing gifts along with the deeply compassionate interviewing she has learned as a hospice chaplain and spiritual director to create books that help tell the stories of good lives, well lived. Most of us, as we mature and look back on our lives, long for answers to eternal questions: How did I do? What gave my life meaning? But every life, and every story of a life, is different. Laurie can help discern how commissioning your own personal history may enrich, reframe and even reconcile your own memories of a life well lived.

In the Works:

Laurie is currently working on The Good Daughter, a memoir of her 20-year caregiving of both her parents – now deceased – with particular emphasis on her relationship with her intense, demanding, fascinating mother. Laurie says when she has shared snippets of the book with other women, many roll their eyes and say, “Yeah, I have one like that, too. Although my mother….” And they are off and running sharing “mother stories.” Then inevitably, the other woman says: “I want to read this book!”

Laurie also is revising a novel, The Adventures of Amazing Grace, based on her experiences as a hospice chaplain. And she works sporadically on her first mystery, Hearts Gone Astray, about a hospital chaplain who pairs with a nosy priest to solve some confounding patient deaths.