Published Works

Laurie Devine’s five novels are sweeping, adventurous family sagas set in exotic cultures where politics and history create lives on the edge. What distinguishes these classic good reads is that they are told from women’s points of view. In addition to being historical novels, they can aptly be described as “herstories.”


Nile unforgettably captures the human underpinnings of the Middle East today.  It is a sweeping multi-generational saga of star-crossed lovers who find, lose and ultimately redeem each other, set against the war-torn canvas of contemporary Egyptian and Israeli history.  An international best-seller and Literary Guild selection.

Saudi answers a confounding question: Whatever could make a contemporary young American woman don a mask and veil and marry a man who already has a wife and child back in Saudi Arabia? Her multi-generational story of passion, enlightenment and delusion sweeps from the fabled Arabian peninsula back home to New England and along the way uncovers the netherworld of the Middle East’s closed and super-rich society. An international best-seller.

Crescent, is a mesmerizing Lebanese tale of the lives, triumphs, and sorrows of four young women who meet in the 1950s at university in Beirut, which was then the “Paris of the Middle East.” It goes behind contemporary headlines to share the hopes, fears and dreams of an upper-class Palestinian, a Lebanese Christian, a poor Shia Muslim and an American Jew with deep roots in this culture. Their stories – riven by violence, transcended by enduring loves – unlock the mysteries of one of the world’s most troubled and fascinating regions.

Kronos is a modern-day Greek tragedy centered on a wily and beautiful Greek woman who is loved by two brothers – one a leftist leader and the other a rightwing general – whose intertwined lives weave a fraught saga of contemporary Greek culture. The rugged landscape of Greece provides the exotic background for a story of primitive passions harkening back to ancient times.

Cypress is the gripping and powerful saga of two Cypriot families – one Greek, the other Turkish – divided by fierce national and religious loyalties and yet irrevocably drawn toward together by the ties of blood. Reconciliation is elusive, but both sides move slowly but surely toward peace.  


Among thousands of articles published in various newspapers and magazines, the
following articles won awards and showcase Laurie’s best work:

A Dream Deferredinvestigative series on school desegregation in Savannah, Georgia (October, 1997)

A Journey Through Heartbreakfirst-person magazine account of her father’s dementia (October 1996)

Geriatric Gender Gap interpretative journalism integrating aging and women’s issues (August 1997)