“Since reading Laurie Devine’s brilliantly accomplished first novel Nile, I have never missed an opportunity to read anything she writes.  Her gift for storytelling, combined with her background in serious journalism, make her the perfect candidate for any kind of writing job.  Quick, reliable, and a scrupulous researcher, able to marshal complex material and serve it up in an easily digestible form, she is a true professional and her warmth of character makes her a pleasure to work with and to know.”    

–Esther Whitby, (retired) editorial director at Andre Deutsch publishers in London. She edited Laurie’s five published novels.

Laurie Devine is an excellent writer and researcher with superb interviewing skills and both analytical and intuitive gifts that imbue her writing with meaning that stays with the reader. That’s why we recently commissioned her to write an interpretative history of our organization. She has a unique history of her own – a major media career in Boston, 20 years living abroad writing family sagas, a theology master’s degree followed by 10 years serving 10,000 people as a hospice chaplain, and now writing creative non-fiction, grant-writing, and coaching and editing of fiction. We know her well and recommend her without reservation.

–Rev. Joseph Schwab, OFM, Executive Director, Franciscan Renewal Center


“Laurie Devine is a person of moral integrity and professional ability, well versed in the art and skill of pastoral ministry. I have witnessed her compassion, her gift of empathy, her ministry of listening and attending, as well as her amazing creative skills and depth of insight in the human condition that have enriched her work through the years.”

–Rev. Adriana P. Cavina, Chaplain Education Director, Banner University Medical Center, Phoenix


Developmental editing of novels:

“I’m a new author of fiction, and Laurie Devine guided me through the details of a manuscript that was in need. Not only was she helpful in the normal grammar and spelling and the usual editing duties but she offered help where I needed it most, details and flow. The meaning of the book wasn’t changed but the readability was greatly improved.”

— Dr. Karl Hiatt, author, 
Peter, The Untold Story


“Thanks to Laurie Devine for her excellent and careful editing. I rejoice in the work of editors who respect the author’s voice without missing a single detail. Many thanks to my new friend, Laurie.  

— Katerina Whitley, author, A New Love: A Novel of the First Century


“I chose Laurie out of a pool of 79 possible editors for my book project. Why? She goes beyond the normal editing details and adds a unique set of writing coaching skills to the mix. This is a value-added bonus. Not only does she help you with the editing process, but she coaches you along the way so your future writing projects are more focused and defined. You become a better writer for your current rewrites, too. I highly recommend Laurie Devine!”

Stephen Reinhart:, author, The Message.




“Editing for Laurie Devine is more than correcting. Through her contributions, her back and forth with me, she dramatized that writing is not the process of ‘putting your ideas down on paper,’ but writing is the process of generating your ideas. She improved my writing while keeping the work mine, by putting me into a position to write more … and better.”

— Tim Ziaukas, Professor of Public Relations, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.


“Laurie is a gifted writer and editor. Her words teem with enthusiasm and vivacity, and she is a delight to work with.”

   –Tricia Hoyt, Ph.D., writer and social justice advocate and former supervisor, publication edited by Laurie.